Food Review. Dum Dum Donutterie: “Donut worry, be happy”

Ready for some real British artisan donuts?

Can you remember the last time food brought you straight to paradise? That very special moment when the first bite makes you forget everything? Well, I can. If you happened to stop by the Food Festival (#JustEat) in Old Street last weekend, then you might know what I’m talking about: probably one of the best desert experience I’ve ever had.

If you’ve missed the Food Fest, then it’s time to catch up. Rendezvous in London’s Shoreditch. The tiny shop welcomed its first clients two years ago. Since then, the place has surely become an exciting food spot for Londoners, but not yet for tourists. For those who’re still wondering what this little sweet heaven might be, look no further: Dum Dum Donutterie is simply the world’s first artisan baked donut brand.

Strawberry Creme Donut
Strawberry Creme Donut. Credit: Justine Pons

Walking into this charming little boutique brings you back to childhood. It feels like Christmas day: make you choice between the Toffee Apple Crunch or the Salted Caramel donut. Go for the Strawberry Crème or even the Yum Yum (Dulce de Leche butter cream). Let yourself be tempted by the Crone, a croissant donut ice cream cone and its three different flavors: very berry, salted caramel and chocolate coconut. There’re enough flavors to satisfy everyone’s wishes. I would even say, there’re too many flavors to satisfy yourself in one visit. Another new invention will always make you and your love for fine pastries come back soon or later.

The Zebra donut is undeniably one of them, since it’s the one they sell the most, according to Dum Dum. Close to the taste of a refined chocolate croissant, the Zebra is filled with chocolate butter cream and topped off with a chocolate ganache and chocolate shavings. Well, that’s a lot of chocolate… So what? We all know that chocolate is the answer to who cares what the question is.

Dum Dum Donuts has become an inevitable place to go to in London. The reason is obvious: they offer baked (and not fried, what a difference!) handmade donuts, lower in fat thanks to Paul Hurley’s (Manager/Owner) traditional patisserie-based baking process: “Never fried, always freshly baked and handmade”. What else could we possibly ask for? Oh right! An expresso, cappuccino or macchiato to go with your dream desert. All Italian hot drinks worth the detour.

You can therefore appreciate the taste of a real baked donut, not overly sweet or fat. The texture is as light as it should be. Decorated by hand and made with sunflower oil, you first enjoy them with your eyes and then adore them with the explosion of sweet tastes in your mouth. But don’t be foolish: they’re still donuts, even if they’re as healthy as they can make them, with fresh and natural ingredients and better cooking methods.

Dum Dum Donuts has also wisely answered to a very strong “On the go” demand since the trend has become more and more common lately. Easy to pick up then, and for a great cost effective. Between £1.5 for the smallest donuts to £3.5 for you, hungry people. Your sweet paradise is just a few pounds away – and for less calories than excepted!

Donuts might not be your favorite pastry. However, since Dum Dum Donutterie is undeniably the doughnut place-to-go while enjoying summer in London, you should give it a try. There’re some sweet experiences we can’t forget – Dum Dum is one of them.


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